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The Bad Movie


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The AWARD WINNING CD BAD MOVIE with FREE SHIPPING!!! Hollywood Music In Media Award Winner BAD MOVIE is the 2017 follow up to the #1 Billboard Blues CD “Love & Money”. “Bad Movie” This CD is filled with the intensity of Love & Money and fueled by politics and relationship heartache. Bobby delivers a masterpiece in a time of personal turmoil. TRECK LINEUP 1) BAD MOVIE 2) COME TO YOUR SENSES 3) WHY WATER A DEAD ROSE 4) ROAD TO OBLIVION 5) UNCONVENTIONAL WISDOM 6) TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE 7) IF THE PHONE AIN’T RINGIN,IT’S ME NOT CALLIN’ 8) NEVER TO LATE TO BREAK A BAD HABIT 9) WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE 10) YOU LEFT ME NO CHOICE 11)THE GIRL THAT GOT AWAY 12)I THOUGHT WE HAD THIS 13) WE NEED A BLESSING 14) IS IT TOO MUCH TO HOPE FOR A MIRACLE 15) AMERICAN SPRING


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